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"Fateforge, Epic tales in the world of Eana for 5th Edition. A love letter to Sword & Sorcery and the world's greatest RPG, from the team behind Shadows of Esteren, the most awarded French RPG."

Grimoire is the second book of the Fateforge series. Centered on magic and spellcasters, it includes information on:

Modular Magic. The modular system lets you tailor the game to your favored playstyle, from epic, unbridled fantasy to a more subdued and down-to-earth atmosphere. You will find rules related to critical success on spellcasting, resurrection, spell modification, and more.

Awakening. In the universe of Eana, only those who have Awakened can cast spells. A chapter is dedicated to this concept and covers both its mysteries and dangers.

Geomagic. This chapter details geomagic—the study of localized magic activity—and its fascinating manifestations, which directly influence the area they affect.

Corruption. Beware the perils of corruption, this rampant evil that transforms the body and mind of whoever is exposed to it. The powers it offers are tempting, but the risk of a monstrous downfall is very real!

Spells. More than 360 spells, including many original ones, will allow you to explore all the aspects of magic, from powerful but demanding conjuration spells to dreadful corrupt spells.

Appendices. Several game aids go over the core knowledge of any student of the arcana, or give compiled information on spells. This part of the book also covers the use of scrolls and provides a list of common potions of Eana.

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