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Achtung Panzer! Rulebook

Achtung Panzer! Rulebook

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Achtung Panzer! places you in command of a platoon of World War II tanks, armoured cars or assault guns as you clash with enemy's armour.

Missions are set during close-quarter engagements between opposing armoured vehicles on battlefields dominated by buildings, ruins, woods and other terrain – battles are close and deadly firefights!

This book contains all the rules you'll need to take your armoured force into battle along with a campaign system that allows your crew members to progress after each encounter and your tank to be upgraded to be more effective in the next battle.

The player who best exploits the strengths of their tanks and crews, who plans their movement carefully and uses the terrain to their advantage will prevail – will your tactical prowess and the fighting aptitude of your tank crews win the day?

Inside the Achtung Panzer! rulebook you'll find:

  • How to create your platoon and recruit your crews
  • How to prepare your platoon for battle
  • The ammunition options available to your tanks
  • The effects of the terrain on your games
  • Events cards that add unforeseen incidents to games
  • Tank Aces - how to field the legendary commanders of WWII or generate your own!
  • Stats for British, German, Soviet and US tanks set during 1944-45.
  • Six action-packed Missions
  • A campaign system where crews and tanks can advance in skill and power
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