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Brancalonia RPG: Setting Book

Brancalonia RPG: Setting Book

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Brancalonia RPG is the "Spaghetti Fantasy" setting for the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game of all time. Set in a “back-to-front” version of Medieval Italy, this unheroic, picaresque and roguish world quotes, collects, and mixes references from contemporary Italian fiction and over a hundred works of Italian fantasy tradition, pop culture, and collective imagery, such as Collodi’s Pinocchio, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Spaghetti Western and other classic Italian movies, or video games set in the Bel Paese.

The Brancalonia RPG Setting Book consists of 192 richly illustrated full-color pages, with maps, characters, antagonists, monsters, and other images evocative of the Kingdom. In it, players will find a general description of the Kingdom, its history and main regions.

They can choose from five new playable races, in addition to the Human, taken from Italian tradition and folklore: Gifted, Malebranches, Marionettes, Morgants and Sylvans.

There are twelve new subclasses, each adapted to the Kingdom and strongly characteristic of Italian history, tradition, and folklore. Many typical features of Brancalonian Knaves are introduced, as are new Talents, Equipments, Rules, and Magic Items.

The volume also includes Search of Quatrins, a collection of 6 adventures set in different parts of the Kingdom.


  • 192 pages hardcover volume, including A general description of the Kingdom
  • Five new playable races
  • Twelve new subclasses
  • New Backgrounds, Character traits, Ideals, Ties, and Defects typical of Brancalonian Knaves
  • New setting rules
  • Twelve new monsters
  • twelve antagonists typical of Italian history
  • The collection of 6 adventures In Search of Quatrins, set in different parts of the Kingdom
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