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A New Way to Adventure through all of Space and Time

Doctors and Daleks brings the epic adventures of the Universe’s most famous Time Lord to the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Running parallel to the award winning Doctor Who: The Roleplaying GameDoctors and Daleks is a new line of products that brings Doctor Who adventures to your table using 5th Edition rules.

Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive offers a glimpse into the many strange alien species and civilisations that players will encounter during their journeys through time and space, or even as the aliens visit our own planet. Some may prove to be allies, others enemies — or both, depending upon when and where you meet them!

Alien Archive provides dozens of entries, detailing some of the Doctor’s most recognisable adversaries and aliens they have encountered. A literal A-to-Z, from Axos to Zygons, providing not only the full 5e compatible stats for use in your Doctors and Daleks game, but also a look at each species’ motivations and tactics, as well as how to incorporate them into your adventures, and how to thwart their plans should they wish us harm.

Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive includes:

★ Over 60 monsters and aliens fully compatible with Doctors and Daleks, and other 5e games.
★ A TARDIS full of Gamemaster resources for all of the weird and wonderful aliens the Doctor has encountered, including:
♦ Background on the Species’ place in history.
♦ The common motives and agendas of the aliens to aid in creating and running your own adventures featuring them.
♦ Guidance on what it's like for a time traveller to might such bizarre creatures.
♦ A host of adventure hooks to inspire your adventures across space and time.
♦ Expanded weaknesses for creatures to defeat them non-violently.
★ More gadgets for aliens to use and players to turn against them!
★ Multiple variations for the Doctor’s most iconic enemies, from Dalek Drones to Davros and every mark imaginable of Cyberman.
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