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Nova Aetas Renaissance – Draco Expansion ENG

Nova Aetas Renaissance – Draco Expansion ENG

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The Little Village of Civita di Bagnoregio is being plagued by the raids of a legendary Draco! It will be up to you Heroes to eliminate this menace once and for all.

Draco is an Expansion for Nova Aetas Renaissance that adds a new Side Campaign consisting of 3 Missions. Will you be able to defeat the terrible Draco and make its powerful treasures yours?

Draco can also be used in Black Rose Wars and Black Rose Wars: Rebirth as a very powerful Evocation, summonable through a new Forgotten Spell!

ATTENTION: You need Nova Aetas Renaissance, Black Rose Wars, or Black Rose Wars: Rebirth to use this expansion.

Italy, AD 1508. Winds of war are rising over the cradle of the Renaissance. The clash between Rome and Venice for dominance over the Italian peninsula is inevitable, and control of an ancient and powerful artifact will be the keystone for deciding who will be victorious in this dispute. As young members of a small company of Mercenaries, you find yourselves at the center of schemes and battles for the control of the Blood of Gaea and supremacy over the heart of Renaissance Europe!

Nova Aetas Renaissance is a cooperative game of tactical battles. A narrative campaign consisting of 27 nonlinear missions will guide you through a dark and fantastic Renaissance on the brink of fierce war. Develop your Heroes with dozens of skills and craftable items. Fight against the three factions of Enemies vying for control of a powerful artifact that can decide the fate of war—or join an alliance with one of them!
Are you ready to rewrite history?

Nova Aetas Renaissance is an atypical dungeon crawler for 1-6 players, set in the hectic universe of Nova Aetas Chronicles. Heroes have to cooperate and will be able to travel outdoors, visiting cities and towns in Renaissance Italy, and interacting with characters who may prove to be valuable allies or stubborn enemies.

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