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ONE MORE QUEST: TARGET BOARD - Looking to elevate your dice-tossing experience to new heights? Look no further than this stunning premium Target Board! Composed of 4 puzzle-like pieces made with thick cardboard, this Target Board replaces the foldable one included with the core book for he finest playing experience. Get ready to throw your die so it lands as close to the center of a Target as possible… and expect the Supreme Dungeon Mastermind to complicate your throws with special restriction, to further increase the spectacle and challenge! ACCESSORY: This product requires the One More Quest™ Core Book to play.

★ HIGH-QUALITY 2 mm thick cardboard.
★ EASY SETUP: Easy puzzle style assembly, ready to play in seconds.
★ ENHANCES THE FUN of the already ludicrous One More Quest's experience. Hit the target with your die, or die laughing as you try!
★ ACCESSORY: This is an accessory and requires One More Quest: Core Book to utilize.
★ ONE MORE QUEST is a dexterity comedy RPG of dungeon-crawling adventures set in the world of the Dungeon Fighter™ board game! A hilarious roleplaying game where you don’t roll dice. You throw them.

• 4 piece cardboard target

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