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ONE MORE QUEST: THE ADVENTURES MIXTAPE - Get ready to embark on a series of hilarious dungeoning adventures! Board a cult’s submarine to undertake a desperate underwater operation and prevent the awakening of a slumbering horror, climb down the throat of a dead dragon and face appropriately-sized intestinal parasites, go on a necromantic quest to recover a punchline from the lips of a dead jester, discover a forgotten sport from the Age of Heroes called “golf”... and more!

The Adventures Mixtape is a scenario book for One More Quest™, the dexterity role playing game where you don’t roll dice–you throw them. This book includes 14 stand-alone adventures (also playable as an overarching campaign) providing dozens of hours of silly adventuring fun with epic proportions.

With contributions from internationally renowned authors such as Antoine Bauza, Matteo Casali, Charlie Cleveland, Paul Dean, Mark Diaz Truman, Cody Faulk, Gareth Hanrahan, Mauro Longo, Sarah Madsen, Jessica Marcrum, Jason Morningstar, KC Shi, Alberto Tronchi, Casey Willis, and Lucky Yates, with art by David Bacter, Zeno Colangelo, Checco Frongia, Giulia Ghigini, Kristina Kister, Fabio Pia Mancini, Nick Miles, Guille Rancel, Alessandro Ripane, Maurizia Rubino, Weberson Santiago, and Eduard Valls.
*EXPANSION: The One More Quest™ Core Book is required to play.

★ NEW ADVENTURES: Mix up your next adventure in One More Quest with a mixtape! 14 hilarious new adventures in the comedic world of Middlewhere.
★ INDIVIDUAL PLAY OR CAMPAIGN: Play them individually or as an exhilarating spy-themed campaign!
★ FUN RPG: No matter how you use this book, it guarantees a fun time at your gaming table or your money back! (Note: refunds not actually guaranteed.).
★ EXPANSION: This book is an expansion and requires One More Quest: Core Book to play.
★ ONE MORE QUEST is a dexterity comedy RPG of dungeon-crawling adventures set in the world of the Dungeon Fighter™ board game! A hilarious roleplaying game where you don’t roll dice. You throw them.

• 1 hardcover book with 14 adventures

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