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Posthuman Saga is a competitive, tactical survival adventure set in the post-apocalyptic world of Posthuman. You play as one of the last human survivors. Just over a year ago all you wanted was to find the Fortress, the last human bastion in a region overrun by mutants. Today, you’re being sent out beyond the safety of its walls on a journey into the uncharted Wilds. There’s a dozen survivors for every mouth the Fortress can feed. It’s time to earn your place within its walls once and for all. 

* Requires Posthuman Saga base game to play.

Upgrade your Posthuman Saga Core game with 140 deluxe plastic components, a cloth bag as well a Fortress centrepiece and Mary Jane - the mutant doll turn counter! The Deluxe Pack comes with: 1 Fortress Model, 1 Mary Jane Doll miniature, 64 Scavenge Site tokens, 20 Food tokens, 20 Ammo tokens, 12 Med tokens, 12 Booze tokens and 1 Posthuman Dice Bag.
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